Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Long Time Gone

It's been ages since I last had an entry here. During all these times, I had helped introduce TPCs solutions for educations to many schools in Singapore. At least, I feel proud for that. Getting to know some of the teachers in schools and understanding what they had to go through each day and also their needs had made me understand better the suffering and stress that teachers in Singapore had to go through each day.

Sadly, I am no longer working for that company that develops TPCs solution for teaching and learning.

But I was glad to know that Charlie (a.k.a. Shugang), one employee in my last company had actually read through the entires on this blog prior to him joining the company. This really proof the power of blogs and the Internet.

In fact, I was told by a friend recently that writing good blog entries can sometimes land you a job. Gee, that will be great.

Sadly, I will be mssing the teachers, especially those who had been very kind and to me these years. One of my most recent tasks prior to leaving the company was to teach students in a school on our TPCs solutions.

Some of the students in the classes I taught wanted my MSN account and I am glad we exchange. Recently I been chatting with some of them alot. Besides talking about Football, we share alot about their studies and the stress they face at home to ensure their parents are proud of them in their educational achievements.

Say what you like, teachers are really some of the nicest people you can ever meet at work. They either like what you have to offer or not. They are direct and straight to the point.

With the Singapore government plan to create some Future Schools in Singapore, in years to come, we will be seeing some schools with the latest technologies to assist teachers in their teaching and I am sure one of the technology will be Virtual Reality.

TPCs, like what I mentioned in my earlier blog entires when I started work in the company is really suited for teaching. In the coming years, I am sure more and more schools will be replacing their PCs with TPCs. Already the price difference between PCs and TPCs are getting closer.

My dear Charlie (a.k.a. Shugang) who is still with the company is really in the forefront of the future trend and when teachers are using TPCs the demands for applications that uses the Inking technology will be in great demand.