Thursday, March 24, 2005

In The Ideal World, All PCs Should Be Tablet-based

Of course I might be bias in making this assumption since I am working in a company that is specializing in TabletPC-based applications for education.
But after having used a Tablet PC now for 3 months, I had found that TPC is the closest thing to a paper-based notepad. I can simply open the journal and with the stylus perform inking immediately as though i am using a normal notepad. This convenient is really apparent especially when in meetings whereby I need to jot down points fast and immediate before the speaker move on to something else.
Even inking and having my freehand writing converted to digital form is a breeze for the hand written recognition software works very well.
Truly a marvel.
Downloaded some nice TabletPC games from the Internet to test them out. Really nice to know I can use the stylus to play them.
This weekend, is a long weekend for us here. As it is the Easter Holidays, I hope to find some time at home to surf on the Internet to find out more information regarding the usage of TPCs in education.
But the problem is whether I will have the time. Back home, I have so much things to take care off like washing clothes, cleaning my apartment and even doing the groceries.


Anonymous WNewquay said...

Hello Jeff,

I went to to find out more about your company and what it is doing in the Tablet PC / Education area.

Didn't find much. Can you say more about this?

WNewquay - Microsoft MVP - Tablet PC

9:36 PM  
Blogger Brightstar said...

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9:12 PM  
Blogger Jeff@Heulab said...


Sorry I did not give you more information earlier. try going to
Thanks for popping by here.


9:17 PM  

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