Friday, April 08, 2005

Requirements Gathering

Had a great meeting at a school yesterday with the teachers that teaches Chemistry and Physics. The purpose of the meeting was to gather their requirements regarding the building of applications making use of TPCs for their teaching purposes. The meeting was mind-blogging for me as I never studied Chemistry during my high school days. Biology was another subject I did not opt for when I was in school. So there is lots of things for me to pickup as the project progresses in the coming months. But I am really looking ahead to the challenge.
Downloaded a demo version of crocodile Chemistry from the Internet. It is really a great application for doing Chemistry experiments. Only valid for 30 days but I intend to take this 30 days to mess around with it.
Might consider buying a copy for the company for evaluation purposes.
Well the weekend is here. Hope to get a good rest.


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