Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tough TPC

Everyday, I had to tag along my Toshiba M200 to the office. Not that I am complaining for I am truly enjoying the fact that I mess around with the latest technology currently available.
How many people out there currently got the chance to play with a TPC anyway.....
My only concern is whether with all the carrying and moving; will the M200 malfunction due to the many shocks and shakes. So far, it had been working fine and I have no complains.
I always like Toshiba. In fact, my favorite brand for notebooks has always been Toshiba and Fujitsu. Never had problems before with either brands.
But what will happen if one day my hard disk crash or the notebook refuse to startup. Invested in a 1GB Thumbdrive to backup my office emails and documents and also a 20GB Portable hard disk with USB 2.0 connection.
So far, I make sure I backup my data at least twice a week.


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