Thursday, March 31, 2005

Promoting Usage of Tablet PCs

Ideally, all teachers and students should or ought to be using TPCs in schools. In my company, we are focusing on software development based on the usage of the TPCs inking technology. Currently, I am doing some research of my own to see how we can introduce Physics or Chemistry as another module for our Fun with Construction application.
I hope to be able to meet up with some local teachers specializing in these subjects to find out what they need.
I was messing around with the MS Powertoy Physics Illustrator today, and the application is pretty cool. If anyone else knows of any other TPC based application for Mathematics do let me know the link where I can explore more.
Have a good day!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

In The Ideal World, All PCs Should Be Tablet-based

Of course I might be bias in making this assumption since I am working in a company that is specializing in TabletPC-based applications for education.
But after having used a Tablet PC now for 3 months, I had found that TPC is the closest thing to a paper-based notepad. I can simply open the journal and with the stylus perform inking immediately as though i am using a normal notepad. This convenient is really apparent especially when in meetings whereby I need to jot down points fast and immediate before the speaker move on to something else.
Even inking and having my freehand writing converted to digital form is a breeze for the hand written recognition software works very well.
Truly a marvel.
Downloaded some nice TabletPC games from the Internet to test them out. Really nice to know I can use the stylus to play them.
This weekend, is a long weekend for us here. As it is the Easter Holidays, I hope to find some time at home to surf on the Internet to find out more information regarding the usage of TPCs in education.
But the problem is whether I will have the time. Back home, I have so much things to take care off like washing clothes, cleaning my apartment and even doing the groceries.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

In Love with My Tablet PC

I had to say, I am very fortunate to get the chance to use a Tablet PC (TPC). If I did not join Heulab, my present company, I would probably never get the chance to ever mess around with one. Although I been using Notebooks for many years since the days of MS-DOS, but when Windows 95 first arrived, it was the first OS I used that had a windows interface that allows me to point and click on items on the screen with a Serial mouse.
Since Windows taken over the PC world for these many years, I had been depending on the good old mouse to navigate. Even when the touchpad and button pointer came along for notebooks, I still was fully mouse-dependant.
But now with the TPC, I am beginning to get the hang of it with the attached stylus to replace the old faithful mouse.
The TPC given to me to use as my work machine is a Toshiba Portege. Though it did not come with a built-in CD-ROM drive, the fact that it is a TPC running on Windows XP Tablet PC edition had really make my life so much easier when working on MS-Office. I can use the stylus to write freehand annotations into my documents, spreadsheets and even powerpoint slides.
Truly, TPC with applications specially designed for it would be the most ideal tool for teachers and students in the education sector.
Now, I can actually work without the mouse and that means one less item to carry along with me.
If only the battery technology can be so advance as to allow me to have 24 hours of power with one full charge, I can also tag along my TPC without having to drag along the heavy and bulky AC Adaptor.

Using Tablet PC for Physics & Chemistry

Though it had taken awhile for Tablet PCs to take off, one area where the use of TPCs is proving to be an effective tool is in the education sector. Schools that had started deploying TPCs to their teachers and students are beginning to appreciative the usefulness of being able to use the stylus on TPCs to do "inking".
In fact, some school in Singapore had already taken the initiative to go Tablet PCs in a big way. Teachers are assign TPCs and even the students carries TPCs to school instead of hugging along tons of text books in a haversack to school each day.
I do feel that TPCs has a lot to offer for the education sector and applications like the "Fun with Construction" software that is part of the Funpark Series of software developed by Heulab in Singapore are moving in the right direction.
This application is useful for doing geometry construction with virtual tools on TPCs and students and teachers can use the application.
But I will like to know how it can be use for Chemistry and Physics. If anyone out there has anything to share regarding this, do drop me a line.