Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Lucky Angels

I really envy those students in schools with their own TPCs. They are living in a world so unlike our times. With their own TPCs, the world is completely open to them to explore. With built-in wireless Broadband access, they are now able to surf the web for information, cut and paste content obtained from the web into their own coursework and even be able to communicate with their teachers and fellow classmates.
The world is now completely open to them to explore in whatever way they wish. Unlike before, the schoolchildren of today are fed with information from numerous sources.
Frankly speaking, it is not easy nowadays to be a teacher. Students has many avenues open to them to gather information to expand upon whatever was taught to them in a classroom environment.
I was talking to a teacher recently whose students are using TPCs that their parents had purchased for them. He was telling me that some of his students even go to the extend of researching further on topics he teaches them in class and at times they even introduce him to some new research data on the web that he didn't had the time before to search upon.
But having each students equipped with a TPC can also cause lots of stress for the teacher as the teachers might end up not paying attention to the lesson but take the time while the lesson is on to play games or surf the Internet on their own interest.
Some form of control would therefore need to be provided for the teacher. This leads me to an application that my company had called "Fun with Virtual Classroom". I will elaborate more on this application in my forthcoming blog entry.