Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Using Tablet PC for Physics & Chemistry

Though it had taken awhile for Tablet PCs to take off, one area where the use of TPCs is proving to be an effective tool is in the education sector. Schools that had started deploying TPCs to their teachers and students are beginning to appreciative the usefulness of being able to use the stylus on TPCs to do "inking".
In fact, some school in Singapore had already taken the initiative to go Tablet PCs in a big way. Teachers are assign TPCs and even the students carries TPCs to school instead of hugging along tons of text books in a haversack to school each day.
I do feel that TPCs has a lot to offer for the education sector and applications like the "Fun with Construction" software that is part of the Funpark Series of software developed by Heulab in Singapore are moving in the right direction.
This application is useful for doing geometry construction with virtual tools on TPCs and students and teachers can use the application.
But I will like to know how it can be use for Chemistry and Physics. If anyone out there has anything to share regarding this, do drop me a line.


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